Welcome to Mission Reset.

Your world is dying fast and the leaders are in disagreement over what to do. The Queen of Earth has retreated and forced her Kingdom back to ancient times, before the most simplest of medicines even existed. The King of Winter is oblivious to the problem, and refuses to accept any advice from others. The Queen of Water is all alone, since all of her people have died due her own selfish acts.

In order to tackle the issue, the King of Fire has artificially created you to be the perfect hero. He wants you to beat the game, and hopefully reset everything back to normal, before the great suffering began. Because that’s what happens when you finish a game, right?

save the world (play the game)


Interested to see how this game was created? Check out the following resources to find out more about its creation.

Artbook (Concept art, character develpment, story, etc.)
Technical documentation Appendix (all the code of the game) Current version of the game on GitHub
Presskit Images